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Procrastinate Much? Ryan Rock of Ankeny, Iowa Shares Six Tips for Breaking the Cycle

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If you tend to procrastinate, you're not alone. People all over the world have the same bad habit, and it can be a painful cycle to break. Even the most motivated people can struggle to start or finish a project. However, procrastination can happen with nearly any task, and it's vital to end the habit.

One of the reasons why it can be so easy to procrastinate is because once you put off a project, it's all too easy to continue putting it off until the last minute. Many people feel that avoiding procrastination gives way to breakthroughs in both their personal and work lives. Overall, finding an efficient way to complete projects leads to success. Here, Ryan Rock, Ankeny entrepreneur, discusses six tricks that can help you start and stay on track.

1.Write Everything Down

Procrastinating is even easier when you don't know what you're doing. Combat that by writing down everything that you need to do on a piece of paper to keep track. Furthermore, studies have shown that if you write something down, you're more likely to do it. Not only that, but it can be quite satisfying to check off items on a list.

2.Prioritize Things 

Small tasks like calling customer service to ask about a warranty or cooking for a school fundraiser may seem insignificant, but you may regret putting them off later. When something doesn't seem necessary, it's even easier to put it off. However, if you prioritize tasks, it can motivate you to do them.

3.Break It Up

Whether it's a college essay or a presentation for their boss, a person can often feel overwhelmed thinking about an unusually large project. An easy solution to that is to break it up. By coming up with a plan and doing the project in steps, a project becomes much more manageable, which can encourage a person to complete it.

4.Don't Distract Yourself

Your cellphone can be quite tempting when trying to study or work – don't let it be.

Set aside anything that could be a distraction and go to a quiet place to allow yourself a favorable working environment.

5.Hold Yourself Accountable

When you don't have something to hold yourself accountable, it can be easy to slack. Setting deadlines for yourself and telling friends can make sure that you don't fall behind on your goals.

6.Know Your Abilities

Lastly, it's essential to know yourself. If you're great at working under pressure, perhaps procrastinating a bit is alright, but if you're the type of person who needs time, planning out the project and setting goals can be quite beneficial in ensuring it gets done promptly.

About Ryan Rock

Ryan Rock, Ankeny native, successfully maintains a proactive work, family, and life balance. During his college career, Rock balanced multiple activities, which also forced him to categorize his priorities. Rock's time-management and prioritizing skills allow his company, Empire AG, LLC, to take up multiple projects and deliver quality work.

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