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Ryan Rock, Ankeny Iowa Entrepreneur, Discusses How to Tell If an Opportunity Is Worth Pursuing

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The world is full of endless possibilities and opportunities. When multiple options come your way, it is difficult to determine which ones are right for you. It’s tempting to accept every offer, but saying yes to everything can lead to exhaustion.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny Iowa native, is a successful entrepreneur and President of Empire AG, LLC, in Iowa. To determine whether to move forward when opportunity knocks, Rock proposes thinking over the following topics:

Measure Personal Benefits

When you receive a new opportunity, this is the time to be selfish. Take a moment and reflect on how the new opportunity will personally benefit you. Maybe you received a new job offer, and you’ll earn more money, which is something important to you. Consider the potential benefits and allow yourself to be optimistic. By picturing the best-case scenario, you can imagine the ultimate advantages and future opportunities the path could hold, and you’ll be able to determine if they are worth it to you.

Account for Downfalls

After examining the positive side of things, the downfalls need to be analyzed too. Ask yourself if you have any uneasy emotions or skepticism surrounding the presented opening. If you have a negative gut feeling or think the opportunity is too good to be true, be wary. Opportunities that provoke negative feelings are the ones to be avoided. Developing a list of cons and mentally picturing the worst-case scenario can be helpful. No one should let fear hold them back, but if the worst-case scenario image completely turns you off, you might want to reconsider.

Analyze Lifestyle

Some opportunities, such as career changes or new job positions, require you to make more extensive commitments such as moving to another city. Lifestyle changes can seem exciting at first, but it is crucial to analyze potential results to pick the best and most realistic choice. For example, if you are single and fresh out of college, moving to another city for work is much more feasible than it would be for someone with a family. Yes, the same job opportunity might be just as thrilling to the individual with the family, but now with a family to factor in, the job might not be the right fit for that person’s lifestyle. Compare the opportunity and the future that path holds with your long-term goals in life. Do the two align? If not, you might be taking a step in the wrong direction.

Be Honest with Yourself

Set yourself up for success by being completely honest with yourself. Ask yourself this question: Will I feel any hidden relief by turning down the opportunity? If so, then the opportunity may not be right for you.

About Ryan Rock

Ryan Rock, Ankeny Iowa based entrepreneur, has made sacrifices his whole life for the betterment of others. Proud to have served his country, Rock knows what it takes to lead a team victoriously to an end goal. His company, Empire AG, LLC, is prepared to guide any client through their project, new or pre-existing.

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