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Ryan Rock, Entrepreneur from Ankeny, IA Shares What Makes Someone a Professional

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When presenting yourself to others in your work field, you want to have a good first impression, but most importantly, you want to be known for your professionalism. It can affect everything from your clientele to your boss to your employees. Most importantly, professionalism isn't just how you dress, it's about how you act. In this article, Ryan Rock Ankeny native shares factors that make you a professional in the eyes of other people.

Granted, nearly every person has their own opinion of what it means to be a professional, but for the most part, it is someone who looks and acts respectfully, knowledgeably, and is businesslike. There are six main qualities that impact how a person perceives you; they are conduct, customer service, appearance, communication, specialties, and body language.

  1. How You Conduct Yourself

Your attitude and work ethic are at the forefront of your professionalism.

While it can be easy to forget sometimes that people are always watching the way you conduct yourself, it's important to keep in mind that you can create rifts in relationships with customers and coworkers.

Showing up or delivering work late, rude behavior, a lack of confidence in meetings, and so on are all obvious things you should avoid in general, but this is especially true in business.

  1. Customer Service

This tip goes back to the basics but is important nevertheless. Good customer service can build strong relationships with clientele, which can be the factor that can lead to success.

So, always speak in a courteous, polite manner and go above and beyond to make your clients feel special and like you appreciate their business.

  1. Your Appearance

Your appearance says a lot about you; it can be the difference between someone assuming you're lazy or that you're hardworking.

There are just a few essential things to remember to really make a good impression. Keep yourself groomed well, and wear clean, wrinkle-free clothes. Also, wear professional clothing, such as a quality suit, dress, or slacks with a dress shirt and blazer in brown, black, gray and blue.

  1. Body Language

Your body language impacts your appearance significantly.

Rather than have timid body language, such as picking at your nails and slouching, show that you have confidence by standing or sitting with your shoulders back and hands clasped together in front of you. Don't forget to have a firm handshake, too!

  1. Communication Skills

Every professional should have excellent communication skills. Think about it - people tend to go out of their way to conduct business with people who are easy to reach.

Returning phone calls quickly, reaching out to customers to check-in, explaining down to the details, and double-checking you are doing the right thing the customer requested are a few examples of good communication.

  1. Have a Specialty

Lastly, no one can do it all, so have a specialty and do your best to be well known for just that.

Sticking with something you're good at, rather than trying to spread yourself too thin, ensures quality with every project that you do. Over time, word will get around and you will become well-known for your professionalism in that skill.

About Ryan Rock:

In 2018, Ryan Rock, Ankeny resident, launched a general design-build contracting company that provides services to industries such as agricultural, biofuels, industrial, and commercial. With a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Iowa State University, Rock strives to complete any project with the highest quality at the lowest cost.

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