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Ryan Rock of Ankeny, IA Discusses 5 Technology Trends That Are Changing Small Businesses

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Technology has made an enormous mark on the current day and age; some say for the worse while others argue for the better. Any growing business can discover the vitality of embracing the full potential of modern technology. Due to its rapid pace of advancement, business leadership needs to stay informed about the current trends shaping the world of corporate IT.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny local, is the developer and owner of Empire AG, LLC. Mr. Rock found his passion for the construction industry through his upbringing of constructing on his family’s farm. He continued to find joy through quality construction work in college building pools and spas, as well as during his deployment in Iraq on different missions.

After developing his company, Empire AG, LLC, Rock has witnessed how technology trends have affected small businesses and the importance of keeping up with the tech times. Below, Ryan Rock highlights five of the most pervasive technology patterns of recent years.

Trend #1: Online Support

Many companies are embracing this technology trend of trading phone calls for real-time online chat portals. When a customer needs service, rather than calling a number from the company’s website, he or she will type what they need in a pre-set chatbox, usually found in the bottom corner of the screen if the organization has the option automatically appear when the website opens. This avenue is excellent for those customers who would rather not speak with someone over the phone.

Trend #2: Remote Workplaces

The coronavirus compelled offices to close, and remote workplaces were established from home more than ever. However, remote workplaces were being merged into average company benefits slowly before the global virus outbreak. The advanced technology that supported the capabilities of the cloud allowed such an option to be viable for employees. The COVID-19 outbreak increased the use of this trend, and some business experts say it is here to stay.

Trend #3: Fighting Cyber-attacks

Unfortunately, as technology use increases, so do the people who enjoy hacking it. And as technology gets smarter, thus do the hackers. Cyber-attacks have only continued to increase in the year 2020. With the times forcing employees to work from home, business owners have no other choice but to invest in quality cybersecurity.

Trend #4: Marketing Through Influencers

Small businesses are turning towards influential leaders on social media or video blog platforms to build their business brand. Influencer marketing permits companies to reach targeted audiences by encouraging or partnering with leading influencers that use, review and spread the word about specific products.

Trend #5: Automating Software

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is not just for big companies anymore. The technology has trickled down to benefit small businesses. Automation software assists in managing processes and taking on various types of work that lighten the load for employees to focus on more crucial organization matters.

About Ryan Rock

In 2018, Ryan Rock, Ankeny resident, launched a general design-build contracting company that provides services to industries such as agricultural, biofuels, industrial, and commercial. With a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Iowa State University, Rock strives to complete any project with the highest quality at the lowest cost.

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