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Ryan Rock of Ankeny IA Reveals 5 Ways to Keep Your Team Productive Through a Crisis

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The year 2020 has already taught our generation that anything unpredictable can happen, even a pandemic. Crises are inevitable and can be fantastically disruptive, but they do not have to shut a business down. When a disaster knocks the world on its feet, an entrepreneur should focus on keeping their team functioning amid any chaos.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny native, is a determined, attentive, diligent worker with experience in team-leading and problem-solving. A large amount of his Project Management background can be attributed to his time with Todd & Sargent. Presently, as founder and CEO of Empire AG, LLC, Mr. Rock has first-hand experience with keeping a team productive through a pandemic. He shares five ways that he found successful while maintaining a proactive team during a crisis.

1. Continue Open Communication 

Keeping constant communication with your team in regards to addressing the crisis and the significant issues at hand for the company is much more helpful than hurtful. Employees are more willing to stay in-tune with their duties if they do not feel left out and are aware of their expectations during the time. Business leaders should open up about everything, including what direction the company is having to take to adapt.

2. Exemplify Value 

As employees continue their duties during a crisis, managers and leaders should strive to instill appreciation and value into every worker. By boosting employee morale, you are continually generating the feeling of necessity in work delivery and a sense of heroism and reward for staying loyal to the business during tough periods. Personalizing expressions of value can increase the results.

3. Forward Together

Whether your organization has to make employee cuts or not, whoever you choose to continue to employ during times of crisis should be involved in the organization's adaptation process. No workers will feel left behind when a company includes employees in all aspects of business changes, and take their employees' input into account. If remote work is unavoidable, be sure to continue to keep everyone on the same page, communicating over multiple channels such as Slack or email.

4. Focus on New Growth

A crisis usually does not give much room for promotions but does for employee skill progression. Invest in your employees and provide a proactive distraction from negative outside disturbances that will only strengthen their professional role. Ask workers what areas they are interested in developing skills or knowledge in, and provide free workshops that do just that.

5. Always Add Fun

The last place you want your company to be is in a crisis when you have burnt-out employees. Adding in moments of fun such as a company pizza social (in person or over video chat) can make any workload lose a little of its weight.

About Ryan Rock

Ryan Rock of Ankeny, Iowa, holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Iowa State University. His work ethic, quality, and completion reflect through his past leadership positions and work-life balancing success. Rock joined the Iowa Army National Guard at age 17 while attending Iowa State University, and balanced school, Army training, dorm house presidency, and his job as a Resident Assistant.

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