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Ryan Rock Weighs in on Construction Project Management Software

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Are you a construction project manager looking for the best software to optimize your builds? Do you want to discover the top-rated software packages to maximize the potential of each phase of the construction process? Luckily, there are more options for construction project management software than ever before. Ryan Rock of Ankeny, Iowa, President of Empire AG, LLC shares five top-rated downloads that can help you maximize the potential of your construction company below:


For construction project managers who want to control multiple aspects of their business with intelligent software, Co-Construct could be an essential resource. Their software allows project managers to oversee client communications, construction crews, and building projects. Available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, Co-Construct is a top-rated software management tool that can be used to manage everything from excavation crews to framing carpenters.


Assignar is another excellent discovery for construction project managers. If you're looking for a software package to help you control everything from your crew scheduling and fleet maintenance to your site inspections and time-tracking per job, Assignar is worth investigating. You'll be able to better manage your construction projects by integrating their top-rated software into your company's daily operations.


Raken is an incredibly useful tool for project managers who manage multiple construction sites. Their construction project management software includes various features including time-tracking for employees, daily construction reports, task assignments and management, and photo management. You'll feel in complete control of your construction projects once you download Raken to your smartphone or tablet. Raken also integrates with several other software tools, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Trimble, and ProCore.


If you want to manage your construction projects better even when you're not on the job site, check out HoloBuilder. Their construction project management software allows construction teams to share 360-degree job site images with each other, managers, and clients. Just like Google's Street View for construction sites, HoloBuilder can help you assess how jobs are progressing and which elements of a job need attention. It can even save you money by spotlighting where employees are spending their time.


If you're looking for a time-tracking application to better manage your on-site construction workers, check out ClockShark. Their time-tracking software is specifically targeted to the field service and construction niche. With multiple features like time-tracking per task, time reports for management, and even monitoring for break times, you'll always have a clear understanding of where your construction workers are spending their time.

These are just five of many construction project management software tools you can consider for your construction company. Ryan Rock, Ankeny construction expert recommends investigating each one thoroughly to see if the features offered meet the needs of your building company. Once you discover the power of premium construction management interfaces, you'll feel like kicking yourself with your steel-toed boots for not having discovered them sooner.

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